John by Cynthia Lennon

Chris Freeman
Director of Financial Aid

I was 9 when the Beatles broke up so to say that they were the soundtrack to my childhood is an understatement. For me, the Beatles were everything. For years I have devoured any (auto)biography about my favorite band and recently found this one, written by the ex-wife of John Lennon. Wow. I’ve always had a black spot in my heart for Yoko Ono, who I believe was the final straw in breaking up the band. And while the ex-Mrs. Lennon is careful in her choice of words, her perspective on the subject, after years of being with John from high school on through their rocky marriage, leaves no mistake that Yoko was a huge influence on their final demise. Cynthia met John in high school and was taken with the bad boy musician. They were inseparable and married very early, before the Beatles had any idea how huge they would be. She stayed with him through all the temper tantrums and drug experiences, intense public scrutiny and growing up in public, until he met Yoko, his ultimate enabler. Once she entered his life he indulged in some of the worst behavior a father, husband or band mate could ever conceive of. From there, he left Cynthia with nearly nothing, moved in with Yoko and proceeded to wreck everything that was good in his life, leaving his son, Julian brokenhearted and miserable watching his father build a new life with Yoko, singing songs about his new half-brother, Sean. For all the amazingly inspirational work that John Lennon left, both in the Beatles and on his solo albums, this book proves that he was a flawed human being after all, capable of hurting the ones he loved, and damaging his most precious relationships.
John Lennon’s Final Interview, Rolling Stone magazine
The Beatles, Wikipedia

One thought on “John by Cynthia Lennon

  1. Sad but true John was blinded by Yoko. If John’s still alive today, I believe he would get enough of Yoko’s nonsense, would not approve of that “light tower” in Iceland (I visited the site, overrated and underwhelming) dedicated to him, and eventually divorce her. Living off of and having control of the work of one of the greatest musicians in history, she’s truly one of the greatest swindlers of our time.

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