Galore by Michael Crummey

Jennifer Ettelson
Student, MFA

This book intrigued me for a superficial reason: It takes place in Newfoundland, which is one of the places my husband goes to work that I knew nothing about.

I also liked the way it evoked the magic realism style, which is so hard to do well and make new as this book does.

Galore is every folk tale Michael Crummey could dig up from this region planted in a multi-generational plot that begins with a mysterious main character being cut from the body of a dead whale.

What stands out to me in this book is the language. The sentences. Oh. The sentences. The word choices. The strangeness. This book is etched, carved, sculpted. Every word fits exactly, complements every other word and they all band together like minutely detailed tiles to create a palpable mural of life in this desolate stretch of rocky coast where love and loss are often hard to tell apart and survival is the greatest hope.

This is a different book by a different kind of writer about a different world that is still our world.
Michael Crummey speaks for five minutes about Galore,
Intangible Cultural Heritage, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: La Magia y Lo Real, Films for the Humanities

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