Locos by Felipe Alfau

Lisa Qunitana
Student, MFA

Locos is the first piece of metafiction I ever read, and the minute I finished it, I read it again because I couldn’t believe someone had written something so self-referential. The characters wander from story to story playing different parts in each one, referring to the fact that they understand that they’re characters in a story. Locos opened my eyes to the possibilities of what constituted “story” and what was allowed within a piece of fiction. The stories themselves reflect Alfau’s Catalan sensibilities – his use of language has a sensuality that English-only writers rarely achieve. Whenever anyone asks me for something new and different, this is always the book I steer them toward.
“Felipe Alfau Doesn’t Want You to See This,” Trish Harnetiaux, The Brooklyn Rail: Perspectives on Arts Politics, and Culture
“Felipe Alfau: A Retrospective,” Jill Adams, The Barcelona Review
Messi: Detailed Analysis of 234 Goals, WWW.FCBARCELONA.CAT

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