The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Stephanie Giles
Student, B.A.

I became obsessed with this book when I was a teenager and read it close to a dozen times. The book is supposedly based on a 1,000 page novel written by a man named S. Morgenstern, as a teenager I looked for the original novel because I loved the “abridged” version (Goldman’s) so much and was convinced the orignial would be even better. However, S. Morgenstern never existed and never wrote a book, both were figments of Goldman’s imagination; when I discovered this, after a year of searching, I was devastated. This book remains one of my favorites because of the richness of the characters and the fact that it can actually make me laugh out loud–books will often make me cry but it takes something special to be sitting on a couch and laugh because of the adventures described in black and white on a page. By the way, I also tried to find the sequel Buttercup’s Baby, however that too turned out to be ficticious!
Video Interview: William Goldman, Robert Towne, and Richard LaGravenese, Scott Myers, The Black List

One thought on “The Princess Bride by William Goldman

  1. i know exactly what u mean, i’m a teenager and i’ve read this book so many times, there might be a second one called “Buttercup’s Baby”

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