Locas: The Maggie and Hopey Stories (Love & Rockets) by Jaime Hernandez

AULA Library

Southern California Mexican, Chicana, barrio, punk rock, friendship and love and sex, aspirations, heartbreak. Most everyone will find themselves somewhere in these comics, these tender, surprising, soulful, whip-smart, addictive stories of characters who are in the midst of it, the heavy lifting of being alive, of saying screw all this and then coming back to it. Jaime Hernandez is a commanding storyteller and talented artist. And you can tell he loves his work, his people, loves Hopey Glass and Maggie Chascarillo. It’s impossible not to.
L.A. Strips interviews Jaime Hernandez
El Santo vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro 1
“Reliving Love and Rockets: Comic artist Jaime Hernandez on fan mail, being a book subject, and his ‘urban Betty and Veronica,'” Tim J. Luddy, Mother Jones

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