The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

Jamie Rosenberg
Student, BA

i am here to talk about the four agreements by don miguel ruiz:

i had heard about this book for at least a year before i decided to wrap my mind around what i was fearful of: seeming too “new-agey” and owning my own life. i finally read the book after a big break-up and this book helped me through the healing process immensely. don miguel ruiz teaches us to: be impeccable with our words, not to take anything personally, to ask questions instead of making assumptions and to always do our best. these in essence, are the four agreements. he goes on to expound upon each one told through ancient toltec wisdom, elaborating that if you strive to follow these four tenets, ones’ life can be filled with much more joy and love than sorrow, insecurity or guilt. i used to think everything was about me; that anything that went wrong had to do with me, that if someone was rude to me, it was my fault, etc. learning not to take things personally through this book helped me to sidestep much suffering. i think of it weekly, and have a goal to read it again at least once a year. it’s a short, yet poignant book that has so many great lessons and valuable lessons one can take with them to weave through in their daily life. some people may find the beginning a bit corny, but once you get in there… you won’t want to get out.
“Dawn in the Desert: The Rise of the Toltecs,” Vincent H. Malmström, Dartmouth College
Museo Nacional de Antropología, México D.F., México
Books Toltec Culture, Guillermo Marín, Toltecayotl blog

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