Object Relations and Self-Psychology by Michael St. Clair

Jarried Gragg
Student, MAP

I know it may sound ‘nerdy’ but I love this book and how I have grown to see relationships through an object relations lens, not only on a personal level but also how I approach my clients when discussing their attachments and relationships. As I am psycho-dynamic in my approach, this book has become like a bible to me. I recall my Personality 1 class and how I was asked to write a response paper discussing my comprehension of object relations, personalizing it but through one of the theorist. I chose several theorist and how the situation I was describing was seen differently by the various parties involved. I saw how I had became a bad object and the chain of events that followed i.e. internalized homophobia. I learned also how I may see others in the gay community and how my own homophobia had blocked me from being an ally, instead chastising others for being so open and brave in their pride of being gay men. I walked away a changed man, enlightened on many levels. I owe thanks to this book and to Professor Joel Andres for being the catalyst in my change.
Internalized homophobia. revel & riot
Object Relations theory. Wikipedia
“Object Relations in a Poem: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Neruda.” Ricardo Readi Garrido, Tavistock Clinic, Psychoanalytic Studies

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