Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Melissa Arredondo
Student, BA

This was a powerful book for me because it made me question the meaning I attribute to the suffering in my life, and caused me to ponder the meaning of my own life.

Frankl shares his experience of being a psychiatrist who was also a prisoner in a concentration camp and how prisoners analyzed their own meanings in their struggle to survive. In the second half of the book Frankl gives insight into his Logotherapy, which is an existential outlook on life.

This book was recommended to my by a professor when I was nineteen. It wasn’t until years later that I stumbled upon it in a book store. Flipping through it at first, I ended up reading the whole book through then bought it. It’s still on my shelf today. I occasionally pull it out and read it. I remains one of my favorites and it inspired me to pursue psychology.

I recommend this book to anyone who is questioning the meaning of his or her life and to anyone who is interested in the psychological aspects of suffering, and the human yearning to survive.
The Official Website of the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna
“The Rebbe and Viktor Frankl.” Jacob Biderman,
Obit. NYT

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