Musical Chairs by Jen Knox

Kathryn Pope
Core faculty, BA
Director of the Bridge Program

One thing I especially like about this story is the way Knox describes, so eloquently, the damage of classist structures in America. Throughout the book, Jen moves from job to job while contending with the real growing pains of life as a teenager in the ’90s, complicated family dynamics, struggles for survival, and growing anxiety. As the story unfolds, we see how difficult it can be for those with less-than-middle incomes to get an education — and the many barriers that exist between so many Americans and a college degree. Although I know it will sound like I’m hyperbolizing, the result is a story of very real triumph and grace.

As an LA-based Antiochian, I was also surprised and pleased to see Antioch in Yellow Springs featured in the book.
Nickel & Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America: Barbara Ehrenreich on the Job Crisis & Wealth Gap.” Democracy Now
Jen Knox blog.
“It’s the Inequality, Stupid.” Dave Gilson and Carolyn Perot, Mother Jones

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