Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits by Joseph Barbato and Danielle S. Furlich

Tara Aesquivel
Program Coordinator, M.A. in Urban Sustainability

To many, grant writing seems a mysterious and magical process: one must have superpowers of perception and interpretation, read the minds of grant makers, and conjure together an encrypted combination of passcodes that will unlock unlimited treasures. The available volume of grant-writing workshops, books, and manuals provide no clear place for newbies to begin. I’m happy to have found this book, “Writing for a Good Cause” so that I can recommend it to my non-profit colleagues.

The authors write honestly and with personality– two characteristics sorely lacking from much fund-raising literature. The book gives brief, but important, background information about “the wacky world of fund raising” and the basic expectations of grant proposals. Most of the book goes into the why, what, and how of actually writing. The final section is a fantastic “down-and-dirty proposal kit” for that amazing grant that pops up three days before its deadline. The authors also cover how this type of writing translates into copy for newsletters, ads, editorials, and other persuasive texts.

This book is a refreshing standout and never seems to run out of ways to state the real secret of grant writing: follow the directions.

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