Prince Charming by Gaelen Foley

Darrah Stedham
Student, BA

This is my favorite book of all time. Gaelen puts a twist on Prince Charming and shows that he is not perfect, but flawed and these flaws are what makes him Prince Charming. This historical romance is far from Disney, with palace intrigues, royal illegitimates trying to claim the throne, and a royal best friend with a secret. And who is Prince Charming’s object of desire? Well, a female “highwayman” of course! love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE this book!
“Romance Novels, The Last Great Bastion Of Underground Writing,” Maria Bustillos, The Awl
He may be very good at the seduction and the wedding night, but he is simply no good at all at making a relationship work.” DC Comix
“Disney’s War Against the Counterculture: Why a decades-old copyright case matters now more than ever.” Bob Levin, Reason Magazine
The Female Highwayman. Rasputina
“Here Comes the Family,” Eloisa James, Barnes and Noble Review

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